marron aka dubmarronics - "voicing for example 4 - simple pleasure -"

marron aka dubmarronics
voicing for example 4 - simple pleasure -
marron aka dubmarronics名義5年ぶりのソロアルバム。彼が信頼するミュージシャンたちとともにつくり上げた、時間と空間を旅するかのような豊かで優しい珠玉の名曲の数々を収録。
01. simple pleasure
02. birthday
03. samurai bossa
04. 5→1
05. voicing for example
06. jodi's 6
07. g.r.s
08. life in pasar
09. driving from summer to summer
10. fullmoon
11. this journey never end
marron aka dubmarronics (ag, eg)
guest musician
山本達久 Tatsuhisa Yamamoto dr[1,5,6,9]
植松渉 Wataru Uematsu per[2,3]
UCON (SOFT) ba[2,5,7,9]
太田泉 Izumi Ota dr, per[2,3,7,8,9]
下村ようこ Yoko Simomura vo[2]
家口茂樹 Sigeki Ieguchi p、synth[5,6]
Bill Horist g, ba[3]
recording at Viva La Musica
engineered by 太田泉
mastering by KND
illustration by Araki
artwork by CHATA
visualiz by hashim  
produced by marron
excutive produced by 中山大樹(5bit Records)
PV ” voicing for example "

PV ” driving from summer to summer "
release comments
released : 2017.11.3
format : CD
label : 5bit Records

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marron aka dubmarronics - "voicing for example 4 - simple pleasure -"

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